SESAMULS® WO gives outstanding water resistance to sun products. A test performed by the University of Siena (Italy) in accordance with COLIPA’s recommendations has showed that a sunscreen made with SESAMULS® WO retains 95% of the initial SPF after two immersions in water and 82% of the initial SPF after 4 immersions.
(Data were obtained using a Labsphere UV-2000UV Transmittance Analyzer spectrophotometer and PMMA . The quantity of the product used for the determination was 0,75 mg/cm2. The determinations of the SPF were made at the time of laying and after immersions in water of the substrate).

The tested emulsions have an excellent water resistance. The superficial film created by SESAMULS® WO is water resistant, but is light, almost unperceivable.

The emulsions maintain a pleasant level of skin hydration and leaves skin smooth and soft. Thanks to their evident dermatological advantages, formulators’ interest in WO emulsions is growing.