EMULSIFIERS How to choose an emulsifier - HLB
OLEAMULS® OW Study on energetic savings
OLEAMULS® LOW Study on energetic saving
SESAMULS® OW Biodegradability Toxicity Characteristics of a green emulsifier Study on superficial electric conducibility Moisturizing Emollient Properties
SESAMULS® WO Biodegradability Characteristics of a green emulsifier Toxicity Evaluating Sunscreen Product Water Resistance
AVOMULS® LOW Anti-Inflammatory efficacy test COLORMULS® Xtreme Toxicity Biodegradability Not Irritant
POLYSOL® PGA NRU Evaluation of the skin irritation potential Biodegradability Toxicity
STABILGREEN® K Toxicity Mutagenic potential Biodegradability OLEAMULS® WS Moisturizing activity Non irritant - Body wash Non irritant - Eye contour
GREENQUAT® BT Evaluation of the anti-dandruff Anti Microbial Activity Biodegradability Toxicity evaluation - Desmodesmus Toxicity evaluation - Selenastrum / Daphnie Evaluation of the skin irritation potential Evaluation of the ocular irritation Evalutation of skin sensitization - Human repeat insult patch test Ames test
PG6 ACTIVE HYDRA FACTOR® Moisturizing and Protective effectivenes
PG6 ACTIVE AA BET C® Depigmentation Activity Anti Acne efficacy
HYDRO-B18® Cutaneous skin compatibility Soothing efficacy
PRO YOUTH® Evaluation of the hydrating and elasticizing properties
MULTIFEEL® Evaluation of the eye irritation potential Efficacy in dermatitis treament
IN & OUT DETOX® Moisturizing and Purifying activity Evaluation of the moisturizing effect (long term) and lenitive (short term) NRU GREENPLEX® Efficacy test
EPSAN® C Cytotoxicity evaluation (MTT test) Microbiological Stability Anti Microbial Activity Evaluation of the skin irritation potential Evaluation of the skin sensitization potential