Greengredients® researches and develops vegetal active ingredients and functional vegetal derivatives for the Beauty Industry.

The Research & Development is located in Montefalco (Umbria) – the green heartland of Italy where, at Greengredients® Technical Centre, new innovative products and processes are invented with the aim of achieving excellent sensoriality and performances while minimizing the environmental impact and eliminate the use of harmful substances.


Whether it is about stabilizing difficult formulas, preserving with synthetic-free substances or achieving silicon-like “touch” but in an environmentally sustainable way, our goal is to provide formulators worldwide with plant-derived solutions aimed both at simplifying their job and achieving superior textures, even in extreme conditions of pH and presence of salts.

The “green” attitude that characterizes Greengredients as well as the constant effort to stand out the crowd makes it a good spot for formulators who look for natural alternatives to commonly used synthetic substances.