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Innovative Emulsifying System: Cold Processable and Anti-Inflammatory

AVOMULS®-LOW: new entry in SOCRI S.p.A. – Greengredients® range.

It is an innovative emulsifier crafted for fluid emulsions, with a spectrum of exceptional features. It’s cold processable, efficiently incorporating into formulations without elevated temperatures. Besides its versatility, the emulsifier stands out for anti-inflammatory properties, making it soothing for skincare. In essence, AVOMULS®-LOW aligns with modern formulators’ demands—convenient cold processability and skincare-friendly attributes. An ideal solution for those balancing efficiency and skin-friendly formulations in the evolving cosmetic science landscape.

AVOMULS®-LOW is a fluid non-ionic Oil in Water emulsifying system based on a unique combination of a polyglycerol ester with the isomeric form of vegetable fatty acids and unsaponifiables. 

It forms very stable liquid crystals emulsions equipped with exceptional and unique sensorial properties that puts it, along with OLEAMULS®-LOW, at the forefront of the new generation of emulsifiers.

AVOMULS®-LOW is specifically designed to formulate soothing emulsions for sensitive and delicate skin (dry and problematic skin, for children, for ethnic products) as it has proven efficacy in reducing IL-8 level up to 63%.

AVOMULS®-LOW creates low viscosity emulsions and ensures an effective emulsifying and stabilizing action even in cold processes. The percentage of interlamellar water can reach up to 70% and is immediately available from the moment the structure breaks once applied on the skin resulting in a particularly refreshing and light skin feel.

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