100% plant-derived and COSMOS approved solubilizing systems as replacement of polyethylene glycols (PEGs) and polyethylene oxides (PEOs) for skincare, haircare and personal care applications.

Discover our 100% natural, upcycled and peg-free solubilizers

Greengredients™ solubilizers are innovative natural ingredients designed to enhance the solubilization of various cosmetic substances. Derived from renewable vegetable sources through environmentally friendly processes, these solubilizers are non-ionic, PEG-free, and offer multifunctional benefits for a wide range of formulations.

Benefits of Greengredients™ Solubilizers

  1. Efficiency and Stability:

    • Clear, Stable Solutions: Small amounts are needed to achieve clear, stable solutions with light, non-greasy characteristics.
    • Viscosity Maintenance: Ensures the product’s viscosity remains unaffected, providing a consistent formulation.
  2. Enhanced Skin Benefits:

    • Moisturizing Properties: Promotes skin moisturization and enhances the sensory and functional properties of fragrances.
    • Gentle and Non-Sticky: Gentle on the skin, pleasant to use, and non-sticky, ensuring a superior user experience.
  3. Uncompromised Aesthetics and Performance:

    • Aesthetic Qualities: Low foaming action and no impact on odor or color, maintaining intended aesthetic qualities.
    • Foam Enhancement: Thicker, creamier foam formation improves cleansing.
  4. Compatibility and Safety:

    • Wide pH Range: Works well across various pH values and temperatures, including with mildly cationic substances and polar solvent-based fragrances.
    • Skin-Friendly: Preservative-free, ensuring excellent skin compatibility and minimizing irritation risk.
  5. Natural and Sustainable:

    • Sustainable Sourcing: Derived from natural, renewable materials, aligning with the demand for environmentally friendly cosmetic ingredients.
    • Biodegradability: High biodegradability ensures environmental responsibility.

Applications and Method of Use

  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for shampoos, body washes, hair gels, wipes, skincare products, and household cleaners.
  • Easy to Use: Cold-processable, eliminating the need for heating. Blend the substance with the solubilizer, stir until clear, and add water slowly while stirring to reach the final volume.
  • Optimal Ratios: The optimal amount depends on factors like pH or incorporated solvents. It may require up to 24 hours for clear formulations without increasing concentration.

Cleansing Properties

  • Effective Makeup Removal: Demonstrates effective makeup removal with an aqueous solution, successfully removing foundation, mascara, and lipstick.

Conclusion Greengredients™ solubilizers are essential for creating stable, effective, and pleasant cosmetic products. By enhancing solubilization, promoting skin benefits, and maintaining aesthetic qualities, these solubilizers play a crucial role in modern cosmetic formulations. Committed to sustainability and natural sourcing, Greengredients™ continues to innovate, delivering high-quality ingredients that meet the evolving needs of the cosmetic industry.