AVOMULS® LOW: video presentation

Welcome to explore AVOMULS® LOW, an innovative oil in water emulsifying system that redefines standards in the cosmetic industry. It is based on a unique combination of polyglycerol ester with the isomeric form of vegetable fatty acids and unsaponifiables, creating highly stable liquid emulsions with exceptional sensorial properties.

Specifically designed to meet the strictest requirements of natural cosmetics formulators, AVOMULS® LOW boasts a formulation free of PEG, soap, palm oil, and phosphates. Additionally, it adheres to vegan standards and complies with COSMOS guidelines.

What sets AVOMULS® LOW apart is its ability to create low-viscosity emulsions while ensuring effective emulsification. The interlamellar water percentage in this liquid-crystal structure can reach up to 70%, offering a refreshingly light sensory experience upon application.

In addition to its remarkable sensorial properties, AVOMULS® LOW has demonstrated high anti-inflammatory activity, with a significantly reduced IL-8 level of 63%. This attribute contributes to visibly healthier skin and a sense of well-being during application.

Discover the difference with AVOMULS® LOW – the cutting-edge emulsifier that combines high performance with a commitment to environmental and ethical standards. Elevate your cosmetic formulation standards, the innovation that will change the way emulsions are perceived

Conclude your exploration by taking the pragmatic step of requesting a sample. This will provide you with a direct experience of the innovative qualities that are influencing the field of cosmetic emulsifiers. Consider integrating AVOMULS® LOW into your creations to establish a new benchmark for excellence in cosmetic formulation.

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