Refatting agent, water dispersible olive oil

INCI name

Polyglyceryl-6 Oleate



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OLEAMULS® WS is a 100% plant derived “hydrophilic lipid” for cosmetic use, with adjustable hydrophilic-lipophilic properties, obtained through the esterification of olive oil fatty acids upcycled and not edible vegetal waste from olive oil production, to vegetable polyglycerol.

OLEAMULS® WS can be used as co-emulsifier in different type of emulsions, capable to allow liquid crystals, adding fresh, velvety and glossy finish. It finds also application as refatting agent in water-based formulations bringing the unique moisturizing properties of olive oil into water.

OLEAMULS® WS is derived from food-grade ingredients and has excellent skin and oral compatibility.

Efficacy tests show improved hydrolipidic film defenses resulting in decreased TEWL and increased hydration, leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness on the skin. 2% OLEAMULS® WS significantly decreased TEWL while maintaining hydration at all time point. Placebo Body wash instead shows an increase in TEWL and a decrease in hydration at all times.

  • 100% plant-derived and palm-free.
  • Eudermic and functional properties of olive oil.
  • Pleasant sensation of freshness on the skin when added to vegetable oils or esters.
  • Excellent skin and oral compatibility and very low acidity, in fact OLEAMULS® WS is edible.
  • Dispersible in warm water-ethanol and propylene glycol.


Ester of Polyglycerol with Olive Oil’s fatty acids

   Appearance Viscous paste
   Colour Light yellow
   Odour Characteristic
   HLB 11 (experimental)
   pH 7.0 – 9.0
   Dry residue 97 – 99 %
   Acid number 5 max. (mg KOH/g)
   Saponification number 15 – 35 (mg KOH/g)

Skincare: OW and WO natural emulsions.
Personal care: showergels, shampoos, micellar water.

% OF USE: 2.0 – 10.0%


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