Focus on: SESAMULS® OW

SOCRI presents SESAMULS® OW (INCI: Polyglyceryl-3 Cetyl Ether, Sesame Oil, Malic Acid), a COSMOS approved and “PEG-free” emulsifier specifically designed to make liquid crystals emulsions, capable of incorporating large quantities of natural high-polarity lipids.

SESAMULS® OW was created with the specific purpose of providing formulators with a 100% plant-derived system that can replace traditional combinations of primary emulsifier + dimethicone.

Thanks to the lattice matrix it generates once dispersed into the water phase it confers dimethicone-like sensory effect providing rich, velvety yet powdery skin-feel.

SESAMULS® OW is made entirely from plant-derived raw materials:
– Polyglycerol from vegetable glycerin (COSMOS-certified)
– Cetyl alcohol (RSPO certified)
– Sesame Oil
– Malic Acid (obtained from apples juice through a proprietary physical process)

Emulsions created using SESAMULS® OW are:
– Particularly shiny in appearance; easy and pleasant to apply with emollient and long-lasting moisturizing effect.
– Stable at both high and low temperatures.
– Stable at pH comprised between 3-9.

Recent studies on SESAMULS® OW (available on request) show it is also able to improve fragrance yield in the emulsion.

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