A new innovative product joins SOCRI’s Actives range: GREENQUAT® BT is a patented 100% plant-derived and COSMOS approved copolymer with high cationic charge derived from sugar beet.

GREENQUAT® BT is water soluble and was specifically developed for improved compatibility and transparency in anionic surfactant systems.

It can flexibly replace synthetic conditioning ingredients commonly used in haircare applications like ammonium chloride derivatives, hydroxypropyltrimonium, silicone and polyquaternium derivatives.

GREENQUAT® BT is the ideal solution both for skincare and haircare products for children: very gentle, it doesn’t have the typical unpleasant smell of amines. It delivers excellent moisturization, smoothing and anti-frizz effect and is even capable of improving the quality of the foam which appears more creamy, soft and shiny.

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