Co-emulsifying stabilizing system

INCI name

Polyglyceryl-4 Oleyl Ether, Oleyl Phosphate


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STABILGREEN® K is the phosphate ester of Polyglyceryl-4 and Oleyl Phosphate and is an excellent stability enhancer also adding benefits in terms of feel and texture. 
STABILGREEN® K has eco-friendly properties and extremely mild characteristics: 100% natural and Palm free composed by Glycerin from ‘renewable’ sources, Fatty acids upcycled and not edible vegetal waste from olive oil production, and Phosphorus pentoxide of mineral origin. 
Beside being a liquid crystals OW emulsifier, it can be defined as a ‘hydrophilic lipid’ capable of stabilizing all kind of emulsions adding a fresh, velvety and glossy finish
Oily, clear and amber liquid soluble in vegetable oils, fatty alcohols, fatty acids and their esters, and miscible in mineral oils, it allows compatibility with substances having different polarity, such as polar and non-polar vegetal products, synthetic oils, silicone derivatives, and fatty acid esters.
STABILGREEN® K assists in reducing the amount of primary emulsifier. Its negative charges help prevent vesicle aggregation, thus enhancing emulsion stability across different viscosities. 
Furthermore, it increases the hydrophobic nature and viscosity of the oil phase and, thanks to the formation of a thicker and cohesive layer, STABILGREEN® K results in an effective water-resistant product that adheres better to the skin. 
Chemically similar to skin phospholipids, such as lecithin and cephalins, STABILGREEN® K achieves excellent compatibility with the skin barrier, making it a highly effective ingredient for creating skin-friendly cosmetic products.
In the formulation of creams and milks, adjusting the emulsifier / STABILGREEN® K ratio facilitates the creation of lighter textures with superior spreadability, while managing any thixotropic effects and maintaining the emulsifier’s HLB unchanged. Viscosity enhancement can be achieved by adding long-chain fatty alcohols and/or hydrocolloids. 
STABILGREEN® K is ready-to-use, also in cold process, and stable at any pH, outperforming the Benchmark that, being  a powdery salt, needs to be heated and is pH sensitive.
It is also a valuable trouble-shooter, helping formulators to recoup OW emulsions that are not perfectly stable after emulsification as it can be added “on the fly” in cold process.
  • It is both an emulsifying agent and a co-emulsifying system.
  • Oily liquid ready to use without being dissolved and heated, excellent stability at high and low temperatures and pH, good water resistance thanks to the formation of a superficial hydrophobic film.
  • Excellent sensorial characteristics: long-lasting emollient/moisturizing effect. It leaves no oily feel or greasy appearance.
  • Soluble in vegetable oils, fatty alcohols, fatty acids and their esters, dispersible in warm water and miscible in mineral oils.
  • It helps in reducing the amount of the primary emulsifier stabilizing emulsions with different viscosities and limiting the thixotropic effect.
  • Does not modify the HLB of the emulsifier and has no destabilizing effects on liquid crystal structures.


Phosphate ester of Polyglyceryl-4 and Oleyl Phosphate

   Appearance Viscous liquid
   Colour Amber
   Odour Characteristic
   pH 6.0 – 8.0
   Acid value 25 max (mg KOH/g)
   Saponification value 50 – 70 (mg KOH/g)
   Dry residue (105°C) 92 – 94 %
   HLB 11 (Experimental)

Stabilizer ideal for OW emulsions containing high amounts of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (sun care and anti-redness emulsions )

% OF USE: 0.5 – 1.0% as co-emulsifier or “trouble shooter”

% OF USE: 2.0 – 3.0% as sole emulsifier 


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