LACTIQUAT®, the transformative power of upcycling in beauty

Today, we’re excited to focus on sustainable cosmetic innovations and highlight our work with upcycled ingredients.

We are proud to introduce LACTIQUAT®, showcasing the transformative power of upcycling in beauty. This innovative formulation, blending lactic acid and betain from sugar beet molasses, showcases our commitment to both high performance and environmental care.

LACTIQUAT® is a safe, organically standard-compliant compound that improves skin moisture and reduces odour, with its positive charge ensuring deep penetration and stability of active ingredients. Ideal for various personal care products and supporting cold processing, LACTIQUAT® exemplifies our journey from repurposing waste to creating premium beauty solutions.

By minimizing our environmental footprint and leveraging nature’s gifts, our upcycled ingredients envision a future where cosmetic efficacy and sustainability coexist.

We will release LACTIQUAT® at In-Cosmetics Global in Paris, along with GreenTAC® and POLYSOL® P3.

Request for further information or a sample in advance here.

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