Vegetal derived complex for restructuring hair fibers and salt linkages

restructuring – filming – protective

INCI name

Polyglyceryl-3 Betainate Malate, Sulfated Castor Oil, Aqua

(China compliant: Sulfated Castor Oil, Polyglyceryl-3 Oleate, Aqua, Betaine, Malic Acid)

GREENPLEX® is an innovative 100% plant-derived complex for the formulation of products that solve the problems of hair damaged by chemical, mechanical, and thermal treatments, It is useful for protecting the hair structure during the coloring / bleaching, straightening, curling, and perm processes, guaranteeing an extraordinary regenerating action.
GREENPLEX® raises the breakage point and the heaviest maximum load of the hair, reducing breakages when combing by 93.75%. GREENPLEX® aligns the scales of the cuticle thus being able to boast a great restructuring effect on the hair and forms a film covering and protecting the surface of the hair.
GREENPLEX® completely eliminates potassium and reduces sodium, harmful elements for the hair that are the residues of the treatments employed as bleaching agents and, in combination with GREENQUAT® BT achieves the best results in restoring the internal part of the shaft to the original compactness.
  • Repairs hair fibers and salt linkages damaged by chemical, mechanical and thermal treatments
  • Reduces split ends and draws water to the hair by “swelling” it, improving its tone and making the hair thicker
  • Reduces the electrostatic phenomenon of hair fly-away and conditions the hair, making it softer and shinier, making it easier to comb wet hair and detangle it when dry
  • Can moisturize the skin layer, strengthening the hair bulb and therefore reducing the phenomena of breaking or tearing of the hair during combing or domestic or professional treatment
  • Acts as a stabilizer of emulsions / solutions and is also compatible with other non-ionic and / or negatively charged ingredients


Chemical synthesis of natural raw materials


   Appearance Clear oily liquid
   Colour Light yellow
   Odour Characteristic
   Dry residue (105°C) 75 – 85%
   Specific gravity (25°C) 1 approx.
   pH (5% water solution at 25°C) 6 – 8


Restructuring Hair Masks and Serums, Hair Dyes, Shampoos, Conditioners at pH 4.5 – 6.5

% OF USE: 3 – 15%






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