GREENPLEX: regenerating action on hair damaged by chemical and mechanical treatments!

GREENPLEX®: The Innovative Regenerating Complex for Hair

GREENPLEX® represents an advanced solution for hair care, an innovative plant-derived complex designed to provide regenerating action on hair damaged by chemical and mechanical treatments. Tests performed show extraordinary results, especially on particularly challenging hair types like Type 8 Afro-textured hair, characterized by tight curls, fragility, and a tendency to breakage.

Tests and Extraordinary Results:

The conducted tests highlighted that GREENPLEX® delivers outstanding results even on the most challenging hair. In particular, cyclic fatigue tests, measuring the repeated elongation of hair, revealed that it improves resistance to breakage by 55.6% compared to untreated hair. This data confirms the complex’s ability to provide effective protection against mechanical damage, such as breakage and fragility.

Restructuring and Strengthening Action:

GREENPLEX® acts specifically on the hair structure, restructuring the fibers and fixing broken salt linkages. This process not only contributes to repairing existing damage but also fortifies the hair structure, making it healthier and more resilient. Its restructuring action is particularly evident on Afro-textured hair, known for its fragility.

Versatility and Lasting Benefits:

The versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of hair care formulations, ensuring lasting benefits. In addition to its regenerating action, the complex helps improve the overall appearance of the hair, providing shine and vitality. It is an ideal solution for products aimed at repairing, strengthening, and protecting hair from daily damage.

Experience the Power of GREENPLEX®:

Experience the innovative benefits of GREENPLEX® in your hair care products. Offer consumers an advanced solution designed to address specific challenges related to chemical and mechanical damage. The beauty and health of hair reach new heights, paving the way for strong, healthy, and radiant hair.

In summary, it is not just a regenerating complex but a reliable ally to transform the hair care routine into a daily beauty and wellness experience

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