Liquid crystals and palm free emulsifier for light textures

INCI name

Polyglyceryl-4 Stearate, Potassium Olivate


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OLEAMULS® OW is a mixed non-ionic / anionic emulsifying system, with non-ionic behavior based on upcycled residues from olive oil production that doesn’t compete with food feedstock and Polyglycerol from vegetable glycerin.

It forms a liquid crystals structure that helps to retain the aqueous phase and the moisturizing effect of the formula.

Used between 3% and 6% as the only emulsifier, it allows to incorporate up to 60% of polar / medium polar oily phase containing natural oils as the sole source of lipids.

It is specifically designed to obtain light and evanescent texture easy to absorb.

Remarkably versatile in terms of formulation and compatibility with all active ingredients, it is also extremely well-tolerated by the skin.

OLEAMULS® OW does not need high amount of rheology modifiers or specific additives, it exhibits limited thixotropic behavior with viscosity stable over time and low sensitivity to temperature variations.

The product is suited for use with all of the processing methods normally employed in the cosmetics/pharmaceutical industries.

  • 100% plant-derived raw materials and palm-free.
  • For light texture emulsions manufactured via heated processing technique in alternative to the Oil in Water (OW) PEG emulsifier.
  • Thanks to the liquid-crystal structures it is possible to have stabilization of the emulsion viscosity even in presence of lipid phases with different polarities.
  • The emulsion obtained is satiny and shiny in appearance.
  • Soft and light feel, with a refreshing sensation to the skin when applied. High skin absorption with the effect of reducing water loss.
  • Easy to use, it is fully dispersible in warm water and miscible in vegetal and mineral oils.
  • Good density, limited thixotropic behavior and stable viscosity over time. Very low sensitivity to variations in temperature.


Ester of Polyglycerol with Olive Oil’s fatty acids

   Appearance Flakes
Ivory / light yellow
   Odour Characteristic
11 (Experimental)
   pH 6.0 – 8.0
   Water content 3% max
   Acid number
15 max (mg KOH/g)
   Saponification number
130 – 150 (mg KOH/g)
   Melting point 56 °C

Ideal for day and night creams, and emultions for sensitive and prone to oiliness skins.


% OF USE: 4.0 – 6.0% IN CREAMS