Who we are

SOCRI is an italian based company specialized in the development and production of innovative raw materials approved by COSMOS for cosmetic use and obtained with proprietary syntheses of Polyglycerol.

The “green” attitude that characterizes SOCRI as well as the constant effort to stand out the crowd makes it a good spot for formulators who look for natural alternatives to commonly used synthetic substances.

SOCRI develops its products through the SOCRI Technical Center, the new pole for the study of innovative raw materials in the form of biodegradable chemical auxiliaries, of natural origin and obtained from renewable and environmentally friendly sources.

It consists of highly qualified chemists and technicians coordinated by Dr Guido Bregaglio, Scientific Director who counts – among the invented solutions – products used all over the world.

The SOCRI Technical Center can now offer the most modern green solutions in order to help formulators to stabilize, preserve and obtain unique textures without silicones, even in applications involving extreme pH conditions and the presence of salts.

innovative raw materials for cosmetic manufacturers

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