In makeup products SESAMULS® WO is a remarkably effective dispersant of powders, from “fillers” such as talc and kaolin, to coloured iron oxides and lakes and improve the brilliance of colours in lip gloss and colour cosmetics, as well. SESAMULS® WO is also suitable for formulations with high quantity of silicon oils.

Thanks to the moisturizing and hydrating properties of SESAMULS® WO, waterproof makeup have always a silky and soft touch without any sensation of oily skin.

Features and performances of SESAMULS® WO at a glance.
• High stabilizing properties in W/O and W/S emulsions.
• Compatibility with physical and chemical sunscreens
• Increase of the hydrating effect of makeup products
• High powder dispersing ability
• Hot or cold processing
• Easy to use

Properties of emulsions with SESAMULS® WO
• Fresh and light texture.
• High moisturizing and emollient properties.
• High waterproof properties.
• Suitable for sensitive skins

SESAMULS® WO has been developed by Dott. Guido Bregaglio.