Results for the Test substance

  • The degree of biodegradation reached 62 % after 28 days.

  • As degradation surpassed the pass level of 60% given in the OECD guideline within 28 days, the test substance SESAMULS® OW [Polyglyceryl-3 Cetyl Ether, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Malic Acid] is considered as “ultimately biodegradable“ within 28 days.

  • Ready biodegradability is defined in the guidelines as degradation surpassing 60% within 10 days after reaching a level of 10%. The 10-day-window began on day 6, at its end, 35 % were reached, missing the pass level of 60 % given in the OECD guideline. Therefore, when applying the 10-day-window, the test substance is not readily biodegradable following OECD 301B/EU C.4-C.

  • Abiotic degradation was not observed.


All validity parameters and values are presented in the following table:

Parameter Criterion Found Assessment
IC content of test substance solution in medium ≤ 5% of TC 25% *see below
CO2 emitted by the controls < 70 mg/L 10.8 mg/L valid
Difference within replicates

≤ 20%

5.9% valid
Degradation of positive control > 60% < 14 days 7 days valid
Degradation in the toxicity flask on day 14 >25% 64% valid

*The IC content of test item in medium was more than 5 % of TC as demanded in the guideline. This is due to the fact that the test item is very poorly soluble in water. Therefore the validity criterion is not applicable for the test item.