When it comes to formulate creams and emulsions, chemists have to face several issues and amongst them also the selection of the emollients. Either established by commercial or marketing purposes or by economic needs, emollients play an active role in the formulas and especially in their stability and characteristics.

As a natural and non-ethoxylated emulsifier, SESAMULS© OW shows excellent compatibility with a wide range of emollients. However, some of them might affect the stability of the formula and will therefore require the add of further ingredients that will help the stability of the emulsion.

   Emollient Viscosity, mPas at 25°C Stability at 25°C Stability at 40°C Distinctive note
   Sunflower Oil 10.000 Stable Stable  
   Olive Oil 36.000 Stable Stable Few droplets
   Jojoba Oil 40.000 Stable Stable
Viscosity lowered
   Argan Oil 15.000 Stable Stable  
   Safflower Oil 18.000 Stable Stable  
   Avocado Oil 20.000 Stable Stable Few droplets
   Shea Butter 35.000 Stable Stable
Viscosity increased
   Cocoa Butter 38.000 Stable Unstable
Viscosity increased
   Ethylhexyl Palmitate 20.000 Stable Stable  
   Dimethicone 200 cst 12.000 Unstable Unstable  
   Squalane 6.000 Unstable Unstable  
   Mineral Oil 5.000 Unstable Unstable Separated
   Cyclopentasiloxane 7.000 Stable Stable  

Although test conditions and origin of the ingredients may vary, nevertheless, SESAMULS© OW, did show very good compatibility and synergy with the tested emollients.