SESAMULS® WO has been shown to be a highly versatile emulsifier. It is capable of forming stable WO emulsions with a glossy appearance, which are barely oily to the touch and pleasant to apply.

The product takes the form of a clear, oily, amber-coloured liquid with hardly any odour. Its physical form means it can be used in cold processing, as well. In the formulations created for these tests, it was shown to be capable of creating stable emulsions at a percentage as low as 3%, including with an external phase composed of chemical filters and oils of different polarities.

The emulsions tested proved to have excellent water resistance, higher than that of the same emulsions produced using emulsifiers that are “leaders” in the market. The surface film created by SESAMULS WO is water resistant but light, barely perceptible. It maintains a pleasant level of skin moisturisation and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.

The market’s interest in water-in-oil formulations is growing, thanks to the clear dermatological benefits this system offers. SESAMULS WO effectively meets this need, because it has been proven to lend WO emulsions characteristics such as lightness, spreadability, freshness, reduced oiliness and a lack of stickiness, typical of emulsions where the external phase is water.