The ideal treatment of seborrheic skin must reduce the oiliness of the skin without altering its physiology and at the same time must moisturize and be able to prevent and improve the possible presence of acne lesions.

For this reason, cosmetic products for oily skin are made with the aim of normalizing or at least controlling sebum secretion. Hydrating the skin is another important aspect of the cosmetic treatment of oily skin. In fact, most people with oily skin tend to abuse detergents and exfoliators, in the mistaken belief that their skin must be thoroughly cleaned and very often with powerful products.

However, excessive cleansing leads to a falsely dry skin because the hydrolipidic film is reduced: consequently, the protective efficacy of the skin barrier it is less and the water present in the superficial layers of the epidermis evaporates more intensely.

The product we have tested is an active called IN & OUT DETOX® containing within it various principles such as the nobiletin which boasts antisebo properties (Sato 2007).

The interpretation of the results revealed that, in the face with oily skin, there were significant increases in hydration, a reduction in papular erythema and a tendency to reduce sebum.

The skin hydration increases statistically significantly both in the first and in the fourth hour attesting around an average increase of 8%.

The sebometry was reduced by 37% after one hour.

Skin desquamation decreased by 22% in the first hour and 16% in the fourth hour.