In acne treatment, the ideal treatment must be topical, effective and well tolerated by patients. The products on the market mainly use antibiotics or irritants to be used in the evening avoiding sun exposure. Antibiotics are becoming less and less effective due to the appearance of resistant strains, the other products have poor compliance by the patient due to irritation phenomena that are not always welcome.
For these reasons it is necessary to research new formulation strategies to overcome the problems mentioned above.

PG6 active AA-BET C® contains within it, as a functional substance, a derivative of azelaic acid. From this assumption it is interesting to evaluate whether this derivative has the same properties as the original acid.

The set of data obtained from both instrumental and clinical tests, during the use of the product, demonstrate the tolerability and effectiveness in improving some signs of acne. The preparation was effective in reducing the erythema of papular lesions, reducing the total number of acne lesions and, in particular, the number of pustules after 30 days of use. Furthermore, it has been able not to modify, with respect to the basal, the sebaceous secretion nor the cutaneous pH proving to have the property of not altering the normal physiological conditions of the skin.