This is the ideal process which involves the production of emulsions without heating the phases. Simple equipment for mixing/homogenizing only can be used. In this case, after having combined the lipophilic components to the emulsifier, just add the aqueous phase using the combined stirrer/turbo-emulsifier action.

It is advisable to carry out the processing in vacuum conditions because the speed of the homogenizing turbine needed to disperse the emulsifier and form the emulsion produces an abundant formation of air that may remain trapped in the product. The OLEAMULS® LOW (INCI Polyglyceryl-6 Oleate, Potassium Olivate) is another PEG-free emulsifier produced by SOCRI – Greengredients®, capable of forming particularly fresh and light OW emulsions, with a particular and pleasant ‘silky’ effect.

The OLEAMULS® LOW is miscible in mineral oils, vegetable oils, fatty alcohols, fatty acids and their esters and is dispersible in water. The percentages of use are reduced; you only need a small amount to emulsify more than 15% of oils and other lipophilic ingredients with the cold technique. Emulsions are obtained stable and can be easily diluted that provide hydration, emollience and pleasant sensations of lightness and silkiness, even with high amounts of oily substances.

With the cold-cold process you can produce lotions and liquid creams containing only liquid substances or that can be processed at ambient temperature. You cannot obtain very consistent products because the viscosity of the emulsions can only be regulated with rheological additives that, if present in excessive quantities, may make the product sticky.