This work shows that SESAMULS® OW (INCI=Polyglyceryl-3 Cetyl Ether, Sesame Oil, Malic Acid) used as the only emulsifier at percentages that can vary between 3 and 6%, enables obtaining emulsions of various fluidity and consistency that confer hydrating, moisturizing, pleasant lightness feeling and silkiness even to formulations with high oily phase percentage content.

SESAMULS® OW can be used in formulations with fat phases made up of substances of various chemical nature and different polarity; products that are ‘difficult to emulsify’ such as vegetable triglycerides, particular active ingredients or silicone derivatives can be used without particular problems. The obtained emulsions have a shiny surface, an appealing ‘texture’ and they transmit a pleasant refreshing feeling.

Products made using SESAMULS® OW reveal the following properties:
• Great stability at high and low temperatures,
• Good water resistance thanks to formation of a waterproof surface film,
• Optimal sensory characteristics that turn into long-lasting hydration,
• Excellent and unique‘texture’.

SESAMULS® OW produces O/W systems with optimal ‘texture’ and good density even in the absence of rheology modifiers or specific additives. The obtained emulsions reveal a relatively low thixotropic behavior and viscosity is stable over time, with low sensitiveness to temperature changes. The product is suitable for processing procedures usually carried out in the cosmetic / pharmaceutical industry.