The instrumental evaluation is carried out in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the product. All measurements are made in an air-conditioned room with controlled temperature and humidity (T 22°C, r.h. 50 ± 5%); subjects were preconditioned for at least 15 minutes before the measurements. These are techniques involving the contact between the skin and a series of probes free of discomfort, pain or individual damage.

During the study, some case of drop out may occur. Possible causes of interruption of the test are the inability to contact the volunteer, free choice of the volunteer, health reasons related to the treatment (i.e., the onset of a reaction of intolerance towards the product).

To limit the variability of the application area, a randomization in the application sites of the product in the subjects is made.

During the time of occlusion, the volunteers were asked to avoid the cleansing of the tested area, so to prevent the removal of the patch. After the removal, the cleansing of the tested areas was allowed, but volunteers were asked to avoid the application of emollients and moisturizers in the interested area for the entire duration of the test.

The data obtained are processed both as a descriptive statistical analysis and as statistical analysis with comparison tests for parametric and nonparametric data. A significance level of 5% was chosen, so the changes were considered statistically significant for p <0.05.


INCI NAME: Aqua, Polyglyceryl-6 Caprylate, Glycyrrhetinic Acid, Proline


“In vivo” assessment of soothing effectiveness of a cosmetic product.