Functional hydro-soluble azelaic acid

anti-acne – antiseborrhoeic – anti-dyschromias


INCI name

Polyglycerin-6, Azelaic Acid, Betaine

PG6 ACTIVE AA-BET C® is an exclusive form of natural azelaic acid acting as an effective anti-acne, sebum-normalizing and anti-dyschromias agent.

Thanks to a special synthesis reaction, this stable form of azelaic acid (whose concentration within the substance is up to 40%) can be incorporated in many different applications at a wide pH range.

PG6 ACTIVE AA-BET C® can be quickly solubilized in water in a cold process allowing formulators to create either transparent water-based gels or OW/WO emulsions.

  • It has bacteriostatic, sebum-normalizing and anti-inflammatory properties that make it particularly suited for treating acne and impure skin. It has also been shown to be effective at treating rosacea and erythema. Azelaic Acid has a lightening effect on dark spots while Betaine moisturizes the skin and makes it more elastic.
  • It is completely soluble in water and hydroalcoholic mixtures, stable over a wide pH range, active substance carrier, compatible with non-ionic, anionic and cationic solutions. 
  • It has solvent capacities, a good stabilizing effect in emulsions and dispersing power with a high surface hygroscopicity which provides a long-lasting moisturizing action.


Natural Azelaic Acid delivered in polyglycerol medium.

   Appearance Liquid
   Colour Light yellow
   Odour Characteristic
   pH 2.5 – 3.0
   Dry residue (105°C) 97 -99
   Specific Gravity (25°C) < 1 g/ml
   Acid number
17 ÷ 19 mgKOH/g
   Saponification number
135 ÷ 155 mgKOH/g


In-vivo tests showed anti-dyschromias and anti-acne activity.

  • The degree of pigmentation of the facial spots analyzed had improved with respect to the baseline: – 4.5% after 30 days. 

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  • The product demonstrated also that it progressively reduced the number of acne lesions during treatment. The most important action was on the pustules, where the decrease reached statistical significance after 30 days of treatment with respect to the baseline values, and not modifying the sebaceous secretion or the pH of the skin, demonstrating that it does not alter the normal physiological conditions of the skin: 12% improvement in papular lesions after 15 days and 19% after 30 days. 

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Designed to be incorporated in transparent gels and  emulsions with brightening anti-acnea anti-dyschromias actions.

2.0%: for cosmetic use
up to 15%: pharmaceutical use


PG6 active AA-BET C® 

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