We’re glad to share 100% plant-derived EMOLLIENT EMULSION FOR WET WIPES formulation guidelines, an Oil in Water concentrated Emulsion based on Italian Olive Oil and designed to cleanse while moisturize dry and sensitive skin.

OLEAMULSION®️ WW is a 100% plant-derived concentrated liquid crystals emulsion specifically designed for wet wipes manufacturers. It allows formulators to create ultra-low viscosity emulsions by simply diluting it in cold water.
It enables both lipo and hydrosoluble ingredients to be easily incorporated.

By simply adding water, OLEAMULSION®️ WW forms emulsions with the body, the texture and the density of a cosmetic cream, even if strongly diluted.
The rich oily phase – consisting of olive oil and natural esters – guarantees a correct emollient and nutrient action, together with a pleasantly fresh, light skin feel.

PG6 active HYDRA FACTOR®️, a blend of natural highly hygroscopic compounds, is a moisturinzing booster for dry and sensitive skins aimed at providing faster and long lasting moisturization (up to 6 days after the last application).

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