Formulation: Detangling Oily Shampoo

We are glad to present Detangling Oily Shampoo, a plant-derived solution designed to cleanse hair leaving it detangled, soft and light through the GREENQUAT® BT and the OLEAMULS® WS systems.

Thanks to its high lipophilic profile it thoroughly dissolves the sebum making it soluble. In fact, it cleanses by affinity, it does not act like traditional shampoos by contrast.

Detangling Oily Shampoo gently removes the grease and the dirt without weighing down the hair and attacking it like normal surfactants. A classic hydrophilic cleanser is naturally repelled by oily skin. For such reason water-based detergents must be rather aggressive to overcome this barrier.

OLEAMULS® WS is an “hydrophilic lipid” with adjustable hydrophilic-lipophilic properties. It works at the limits of solubility and enters in affinity with grease and dirt by making it soluble.

GREENQUAT® BT performs an antistatic and conditioning action to make the hair manageable and silky. It delivers excellent moisturization, smoothing and anti-frizz effect making the foam more creamy, soft, and shiny.

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